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Serie E-75HO ¡New!

EXTRUAL launches a new product range with three new complete systems hinged carpentry that respond to the current established requirements in architecture and energy for the CTE (Technical Building Code).
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The E-75HO Hidden Sash System becomes a high performance system provided in Extrual. This new system frame width of 75 mm. and 75 mm of sash. with a Polyamide Strip length of 34 mm. which allows up to 38 mm glazings. and thermal gaskets that provides excellent performance against heat transfer, due to its very low thermal transmittance values that goes from 0,9 W/m2K

The results of tests conducted in two window sashes, confirm an excellent behavior in air permeability CLASS 4 and excellent water tightness CLASS E750. Moreover, the design of this system gives the carpentry wind resistance CLASS C5.

It noted in its design, based on straight lines, resulting in a structure in accordance with the new architectural trends, allowing easy integration into building new systems.



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