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Benefits of high-performance windows

The benefits of installing high-performance windows are multiple. Even though we could think that they have a very high cost, the improvement in comfort and the energy savings that they provide help you recover your investment within 5 to 10 years.
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We need a change of mentality and think that our windows are installed for at least 30 years, so it is an investment we should analyse. Its benefits include.

Better healthiness and well-being

A high-performance window leaves the cold outside and keeps the heat in your home in winter, doing the opposite in summer. This prevents water vapour in the home environment from being settled on the glazing and frames avoiding condensations, dampness, mould, etc.

Without polluting agents

Given its high tightness level to air neither the suspended particles from the street nor the dust pass through.  Therefore, we have got a cleaner and free of external contamination home. These high-performance windows have to be supplemented by a ventilation system that eliminates the pollutants generated indoors.

Sound protection

Due to its insulating properties both in the frame and the glazing, these windows prevent outdoors noise entering the house. Thus, we have a quite atmosphere indoors in spite of the constant noise in the towns.

Higher efficiency and economic savings

These windows are more insulating and do not let air through them, this has an impact in the amount of energy that we have to use for heating or cooling our house. Although it seems a great expense to invest in high-performances windows we must think in these advantages.

In EXTRUAL we have casement windows with a frame transmittance Uf=0,90 W/m2K and air permeability CLASS 4.  Click here for more information about our series E-75P and E75HO


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