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Unknown applications of the aluminium: Photo printing.

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Everybody knows that aluminium has applications in a great variety of industries; architecture, manufacturing, planes, automotive, rail transport…but there are applications of the aluminium that you don’t know for sure. Every week we will show you one, today it is the turn of...

Photo printing in aluminium.

It is possible to “print” photos in an aluminium support. The technique is very similar to sublimation which is used to give the wood finishing. The colours stay bright and lasting with a big range of sizes and formats.

This type of technique gives an industrial appearance, very fashionable now, to your home décor and an original touch. It can also be used for outdoors panels at very competitive prices.

If you have been surprised by this use of aluminium, share it in your social networks! We will show you more unknown aluminium applications soon. We are open to suggestions!

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