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The sustainability of the aluminium, a round life cycle

We dedicate this article to the sustainability of the aluminium. Did you know that it is estimated that 75% of the aluminium which has been extracted in the last 100 years, it is still in use? It is true that it is a tough, long-lasting material with a multitude of practical applications, but there is a quality that makes it very sustainable and at the same time it is the culprit behind his longevity between us; an infinite life cycle.
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One of the characteristics of the aluminium is that it can be 100% recycled endlessly without losing or reducing its properties.If this were not enough, it is the most common element in the Earth’s crust after oxygen and silicon. On top of this the manufacture of recycling  aluminium requires only 5% of the original energy that the production from virgin raw material would use. Therefore, recycling aluminium reduce in a 95% the consumption of energy compared to its extraction from the bauxite, with the environmental advantages that this brings.

For all these characteristics, aluminium constitutes a highly sustainable material. A  Delft University of Technology study shows that on averages in Europe, 96% of the aluminium in commercial and residential buildings can be collected and recycled. Consequently, the life cycle of an aluminium product it becomes circular, eliminating waste generation. This modern concept is called “cradle-to-cradle”, and it is used now to get a resource-efficient economy that makes the most of all the materials at the end of their lifespan as raw materials


Did you know that 1 billion tons of aluminium have been produced since 1886 and ¾ parts of this metal is still in use today?

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