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The security of the aluminium

Just aluminium gives total security in our houses in case of burglary or fire.
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Burglaries in homes, accidents or fires are situations which seem unlikely or unusual, until we experience them in person. For that, it is always convenient to be ready for these incidents. To minimise risks it is advisable that our doors and windows were made of aluminium. Let’s see why.

In an attempt of break-in, our doors and window have to be able to withstand drills, heavy impacts and deformations with crowbars. Although it is a material with a great lightness, aluminium has an extraordinary mechanical resistance. These qualities make it an infallible ally against any intruder. If a burglar tried to attack our house and hefaced windows or doors in aluminium, without any doubt he would desist from his plan. Likewise, it also prevents squatting.

In case of fire, the main premises are that materials mustn’t release smoke or toxic gases, they must support flames during the time required for evacuation, and don’t feed the fire. Due to its high melting point, its fire resistance and its lack of toxicity, aluminium is the only material able to achieve these premises and to ensure safety in theses unfortunate events.  As we have already demonstrated in other articles, choosing aluminium windows provide a great safety in case of fire.

Being prepared is a virtue that it is only valued when misfortunes happen. Take a wise decision and trust in aluminium.

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