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New¡ Minimalist Balustrade E-50V

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Balustrade E-50V

Extrual has developed a new Glass Balustrade system which can be just base fixed or side fixed. It allows a clean and minimalist aesthetic without giving up the highest demands on security.

There are two modalities of the Balustrade system E-50V, in the first one there is a “U” profile that lodge the glass in its base and that you can place on the side or on the base. In both cases the profile is already machined to facilitate the assembly and to keep the anchor measures that allows fixing the balustrade correctly to the structure. 

The other one, the second modality of the system has a profile in “U” with a lateral support (Shovel shape), where the glass is fitted into its base and it allows mounting the balustrade on the base of the floor.

For these two E-50V balustrade system modalities there are the required wedges, joints and accessories to do the mounting correctly, and to reach 3KN/m meeting the highest requirements of the CTE for public and private use, in linear load testing certified in a recognised laboratory by ENAC.


The E-50V Balustrade allows laminated or tempered glass of 6+6/ 8+8/ 10+10.



Serie E-50V

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