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Louver shutters (Mallorquine)

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In the world of aluminium, a Mallorquine is a type of lattice, made of louvers in a frame. These louvers can be fixed or adjustable, so their inclination can be changed. At the same time, adjustable louvers can come with a motorised system to be moved or can be manual.

The name of this curious object is malloquine shutters. French merchants in the XVIII century began to import from Persia wood straps which protect them against the sun, letting the light through and a pleasant breeze they called them “Persiennes”.

As it happens with other types of shutters, Venetian blinds, Mallorquinas take the name for being a traditional element of the Balearic architecture. The traditional mallorquine is made of wood louvers fixed to a frame, usually in green.

Applications of mallorquines.

Insulation: These elements help to reduce the outside noise, having an effect of acoustic damping. Moreover, depending on the mallorquine sealing they can also be thermal insulations.

Security: They provide an extra safety protection, performing the same function as a grille but with a more elegant aesthetic.

Solar protection: One of the main applications is to protect the windows from direct sun, letting the light through. (We have a very detailed article about the advantages of solar protections).

Control of brightness: As the previous, depending on the louvers orientation we can control the brightness level in a room.

 Privacy: One of the essential aspects is the effect that these lattices have to hide the interior of your home to the public, without renouncing to precious natural light.

Types of mallorquines

Fixed: These shutters would stay immobile at the window.

Practicable: This type could open like an external shutter, being the most similar to the originals.

Sliding: This type can slide along a rail and provide the possibility of get or avoid radiation completely with the lattice.

Folding: These mallorquine shutters have the possibility to be folded to the side, as a book.

 In our catalogue you can find aluminium lattice solutions which adapt to your home or project. For example, our mallorquine KIKAU-Sliding or Practicable and Folding.

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