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Industrial aluminium profiles

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It’s not all about windows in the world of aluminium extrusion; there are thousands of industrial applications for profiles.

Another of the great applications for aluminium is the profile extrusion for industrial purposes. In this occasion we are going to show you the different types of existing profiles and the possibilities this material offers.

The applications of these profiles are practically unlimited, due to the properties of the raw material. Its durability and mechanical strength make it one of the most used for the aeronautical, space, shipbuilding… industry. In Extrual, apart from our wide range of normalised profiles for doors and windows (you need user and password to access), we develop profiles with different industrial applications: lighting, transport, solar energy, signalling, architecture and furnishing, amongst other applications.

We can divide the aluminium profiles in 4 categories:

Normalised: In the same way as for steel, there are profiles already predefined or normalised which are called depending on its shape. Within these groups we can find square, round and rectangular tubes. In this category we would also find H,U,I,T and L shapes.

Bars: This category includes wires, cylindrical bars and the ones created from geometrical profiles such as: triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, etc.

Structural: The profiles used for aluminium structures have an easily recognizable shape, drawing a kind of star very characteristic. Since it is modular this type of profile is very versatile, it can be combined in successions, lighten as its thickness increase, close in some faces sides…

Customise: The speciality of the house. Due to the manufacturing process by extrusion we can create any profile you can imagine totally customised to the client needs. We have an extensive experience and multitude of solutions to tailor their needs.

In conclusion, being able to produce any type of profile the possibilities of aluminum are endless. If you need a costumised product, or you want to be different from the rest, get in touch with us and we will work to give you a quality solution: (Contact form).

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