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How to choose a window

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Have you thought about changing your windows? Are you choosing doors and windows for your new home and you can’t decide? In this article we want to explain you the factors to consider so you can know how to choose a window.
We can divide all this aspects in 5 key points, we rank them here in descending order of importance according to our criteria.


  1.  Usefulness:  Type of opening and maintenance, dimensions and durability. 
  2.  Security: Use, in case of fire or forced entry. 
  3.  Energy Savings: Thermal insulation, air and glass permeability.
  4.  Sustainability; Production and life cycle.
  5.  Comfort:  Brightness, aesthetic finish and acoustic insulation.



The use of the window will determine its type of opening and dimensions. Moreover we will have to consider the accessibility to carry out the cleaning works. Also we must evaluate the material durability. Aluminium is the most durable material and the one which offer more dimensional capacities, being ideal for our choice.




Windows will have to be safe elements in our home. Whether it is during its ordinary use or in exceptional cases like fire or attempted burglary. Aluminium resists with proved guarantees the action of fire without alterations and without producing toxic gases being at the same time the most resistant in case of being forced.


Energy savings

The ability to insulate, that is, to avoid that energy (in the form of heat) flow through a structural element is called thermal transmittance. The lower, the more insulating. In the case of a window in this factor both glazing and frame have influence. It is also important air permeability, because with air infiltrations a great amount of energy is lost in winter and gain in summer. Aluminium windows with thermal break have a very low transmittance and don’t lose their waterproof capacity.


When we consume we must think about the planet. Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material and with a circular life circle. This means that once extracted from nature it can always be melted again and make new windows without damaging the environment again.


We leave the aesthetic and finish factors for the end, but that doesn’t mean that they are not important. An elegant window with high brightness it will always be more attractive. It is also essential the acoustic comfort, its ability to be soundproof depends also on the frame-glazing set. Aluminium finishes (coating or anodising) are the most durable, having the windows a minimum frame.

For further information we leave this summary table translate from the website.

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