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Home automation for aluminium doors and windows.

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Every day it is easier to automate our house using home automation for aluminium doors and windows. Thanks to these systems we can control the actions in our house doing it more intelligent and efficient without much effort. In doing so, we improve energy efficiency, safety and accessibility in our homes.

At the moment home automation for aluminium doors and windows are developing at a frenetic pace. Every day we have more efficient motors, more intelligent controls and especially, easier and cheaper to use.

How the home automation system works.

A home automation system is usually consists of sensors, commands, controls motors, its respective connections and accessories. The sensors are responsible for obtaining atmospheric data, lightness, movement and temperature. This information is processed and sent to the motors and controllers which execute the actions so they suit these conditions.

Types of home automation for doors, windows and sun shadings.

In reference to home automation for aluminium doors and windows, we can install lots of automatisms to help us control the radiation that enters through the windows without losing luminosity, open the doors with proximity sensors, and so on.

. Doors: There are systems that open and close doors using push buttons or detectors. The last ones are very useful for people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility.

. Windows: For windows there are motors which operate their openings to ventilate or they close them if we leave home with the windows open.

. Shutters: Majorcan shutters are also suitable for home automation so they can protect us from solar radiation in summer.

. Gates and garage doors: These are well known, although there are methods to open the gates just with proximity sensors.

. Louver with adjustable slats: These systems can also help us to reduce energy consumption because it could be orientated automatically to receive solar radiation or not.

If you weren’t really convinced that home automation in aluminium doors and windows could help to save energy in your home and make it more comfortable and safe, now you have enough reason to be seduced for this technology.

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