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Cleaning and maintenance of aluminium

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Advices and recommendations for cleaning and maintenance of aluminium.

Today we are going to develop a series of practical advices to carry out the cleaning and maintenance works of aluminium. To preserve its aesthetic finish and functions like the first day it is important to take into account its regular care.

The first thing is to recognise the superficial finish of the aluminium element, lacquering or anodising. The aluminium cleaning and maintenance method must be appropriate to the dirtiness and cleaning frequency. Furthermore, we must try different methods progressively from gentler to rougher until the removal of stains and deposits of dirt.


These advices are applicable to any aluminium surface:

Never use acid cleaners.

Do not clean the metal when it is very hot or cold to the touch.

Cleaner with organic solvents damage the sealing materials.

Before using very strong cleaners try first in a hidden area.

Do not rub with abrasives to remove difficult stains.

Lacquer finish

The lacquer finish consists in the application of a superficial coating in the aluminium profile. This finish is resistant to atmospheric agents and corrosion, although it can be scratched if it is not cleaned in the right way. This would be the order of action:

1. Just with water at low pressure.

2. Warm water and neutral soap.

3. Warm water, neutral soap and soft sponge.

Anodising finish

The anodising finish consists in create a superficial layer of aluminium oxide. Through this finish we get profiles extremely resistant to corrosion, abrasion and wear. . This would be the order of action:

1. Just water at low pressure.

2. Warm water and soft sponge.

3. Warm water, sponge and mild detergent.

4. Gentle brushing and water under pressure.

5. Butanone based solvent and a soft cloth.

From EXTRUAL we hope that our cleaning and maintenance advices are helpful to keep the aluminium profile like the first day.

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