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Burning behaviour

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Test of toxic gases in PVC, wood and aluminium.

Recently a test has been made by GAIKER laboratory, accredited by ENAC, about burning behaviour of three materials (Aluminium, wood and PVC) to compare fumes density and the toxicity of the emitted gases during combustion. In this test, the Spanish Aluminium Association intends to show the extraordinary performance of aluminium and the dangers of using PVC in its place.

In this test three test tubes are taken, one of each material, with the same dimension and thickness. Then they are placed in a heat source simulating a fire scene and they analyse the amount of fumes and toxic gases that they emit for a certain period of time. The results are undeniable: PVC emits three times the amount of toxic gases that wood does while aluminium does not emit harmful gases. These gases so harmful for health include hydrochloric acid, benzene and sulphur dioxide.

This article complements other studies made to know how many energy can we save changing our windows for aluminium ones and the fire performance which have been shown in this blog. If you would like to learn more or have access to the full study we give you these links (EAE page) (GAYKER Study PDF)


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