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Against the heat…Lattices! Save energy in summer.

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Lattices can help you beat the heat and save energy in the summer months.

Every time you hear in the news that a heat wave is coming, does it scare you? Is it impossible to sleep in your bedroom because your bedroom faces the Sun the whole evening? This is the problem that the facades and spaces orientated to the Southwest and West in summer. What is a blessing in winter it turns a torture in summer time. At about 6 in the afternoon, the king star begins hitting your window till the sunset, causing your house to have significant heat gains. This means that your house will become an oven if you don’t remedy the situation.

The explanation to this phenomenon is that the Sun in summer has a wider tour (in the North hemisphere). Between 18:00 and 20:00 h, its incidence rate on the buildings façades is every time more perpendicular, what causes that radiation goes through the openings and because of the greenhouse effect the refrigeration demand increases and therefore the energetic and economical expense.

In order to combat these situations we must design sun protective devices to avoid direct radiation on the building, because once this reaches the building skin or goes through the glasses, the battle will be lost. It is important to emphasise this aspect, because if these solutions are placed in the inside this doesn’t avoid the heat getting in or being transmitted into the interior. For example, curtains would only avoid or reduce direct light, which can also be unpleasant. Another aspect to consider in the design of these elements, it is the ability to move or to change the position in order not to waste the valuable sunlight in winter, when we are interested in receiving as much Sun heat as possible. Some solutions would be: blinds, awnings, lattices and louvered windows.

Some studies confirm that the openings that are completely shaded from the outside reduce the energy absorption from the Sun in 80%. [1]. This means a reduction in the use of air conditioning, or even managing without it in many cases. This type of measures is extremely useful in houses as well as hospitals, schools, universities and office buildings. Certainly, it is one of the aspects to consider in energy rehabilitation.

In our catalogue you can find aluminium lattices solutions which are adapted to your home or project. For example, our louvered window Majorcan KIKAU- Sliding or Practicable and Folding


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Majorcan KIKAU - Sliding or Practicable and Folding

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