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EXTRUAL has a wide range of systems for building, which comply with the regulations in accordance with the different climatic areas set by the CTE.

Within this offer we can highlight the Systems with a Thermal Bridge Break (RPT), which prevent heat-loss through the sections and act as a thermal barrier.

The use of this system only provides advantages:

  • Saving in electricity, as the building enclosure heat transfer is reduced.
  • Decrease in inside condensation = comfort and low maintenance.
  • Allows the personalisation of the home by means of the sections bicolour.
  • Contribute to sustainable building, as it uses 100% recyclable material.
  • Energy saving, reducing the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere.

In our PRESCRIPTION area you can check which of our systems best meets the specific characteristics of your project, with solutions for each of the specific climatic areas established by the regulations.