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DB-HE: Energy Saving

One of the basic requirements of the CTE is energy saving, which is included in the basic DB HE Energy document. Its objective is to achieve a rational use of the energy necessary for the use of the buildings, reducing consumption and achieving that the origin of part of the same is from renewable sources of energy.

This document includes the basic requirements to be met by all buildings in order to comply with energy saving. These are the following:

  • HE1: Limitation of the energy demand.
  • HE2: Performance of the thermal installations.
  • HE3: Energy efficiency of the lighting installations.
  • HE4: Minimum solar contribution to domestic hot water.
  • HE5: Minimum photovoltaic contribution of electric energy.

In so far as HE1 basic requirement is concerned, the buildings should have an enclosure of such characteristics that limit the demand for necessary energy in order to reach thermal comfort depending on the climate of the city/town or on its use.