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In the need for improving the quality of building, as well as to promote innovation and sustainability, the Technical Building Code was approved on the 17th of March 2006. It is a regulatory tool that establishes the basic quality requirements for buildings and installations.

The Technical Building Code is divided into two parts:
  • It includes the Regulations of a general nature (scope of application, structure, uses classification etc...) and the requirements the buildings have to comply with in order to meet safety and habitability requirements.
  • It is made up by the Basic Documents, whose correct use guarantee compliance with the basic requirements. These include procedures, technical regulation and examples of solutions that allow determining whether a building meets the performance levels established.

This regulatory framework affects new buildings, as well as extension, refurbishment or restoration works of existing buildings with a surface of more than 1,000 m2 and when more than 25% of the total of its building enclosure is renovated.
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