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EXTRUAL has adopted a responsible environmental policy, which includes all the company areas and which results in environmentally-friendly solutions.

Thus, it has obtained Integrated Environmental Authorisation, which guarantees the carrying out of periodical inspections for the verification of the releases to the atmosphere, soil, noise and spillages monitoring. It is currently working in the implementation of the ISO 14001 Management System.

Thanks to the recyclability of aluminium, any excess material at the different manufacturing processes, even that from the finishing processes, is selected and classified. It is then taken to the aluminium ingot production centres, where it undergoes the appropriate treatment in order to be reused.

The awareness of the environmental policies has lead to the adoption of an exhaustive treatment of waste water from the coating and anodising plants. Said process is guaranteed by an advanced purification system, which allows the recovery of up to 50% of the water for its reuse, contributing to a minimum environmental impact.

EXTRUAL manages all its waste by means of authorised managing companies. In the same way, it has achieved the decatalogue of the purifying system sludge waste as hazardous, as well as that from the cleaning process of the matrices, obtaining sodium aluminate, a non-polluting product that is used for the manufacturing of artificial cobblestones.