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Surfaces Finishes


EXTRUAL is a pioneering company with long and wide experience in vertical plant aluminium coating processes

The powder coating process provides the aluminium with high resistance properties against corrosion, apart from providing an infinite range of decorative possibilities.

At EXTRUAL we provide the client with an unlimited range of colours, in order to meet their aesthetical requirements in any sector.
Wood finish coating.

This type of surface treatment adds an aesthetical finish to the coating that simulates wood grain. Each variety is made up by a colour base and a decorative film.

Following new tendencies, EXTRUAL is constantly updating the catalogue, which already includes a wide variety of finishes: walnut, cherry, pine, teak, oak, root, chestnut, sapelli, acacia, wrinkle, etc.

In order to supplement the services provided to the client, EXTRUAL has an advanced and modern anodising plant. Thanks to this process a very hard product is obtained, and very resistant to environmental corrosive agents, to abrasion and to wear and tear.

Various types of finishes are currently being provided: anodising silver, black, stainless, titanium, gold, bronze and burgundy. They all have their own different tones and mechanical treatments.