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EXTRUAL provides its clients with the possibility of carrying out a "made to measure" product, meeting the client's requirements, under a commercial brand that is a synonym of trust..

In order to certify the quality of the sections and guarantee customer satisfaction,we have the following quality seals:

  • QUALICOAT for the coating processes.
  • QUALICOAT- SEASIDE (marine quality).
  • QUALIDECO for the wood-effect coating.
  • QUALANOD, certifying the quality of the anodised aluminium.
  • QB49,French standard for thermal bridge breaking assembly. List of RPT profiles referred to according to certificates QB49 nº 1852-013-537 and QB49 nº 2093-013-522
  • Sistema de Calidad certified by UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000.

These certificates guarantee a strict control in all the production processes and allow meeting the market quality requirements.






Certificado ISO9001 IQNet ES-0442/1999 Extruidos del Aluminio S.A.

Certificado ISO9001 ER-0442-1999 Extruidos del Aluminio S.A.

Certificado UNE EN 15088 - A81/0289 Extruidos del Aluminio S.A.