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Steps to be taken to obtain the EC mark

In accordance with standard UNE EN 14351-1:2006 for windows and external pedestrian doors, the necessary steps are the following:

1. Implementation of Factory Production Control (CPF)

This consists of establishing, documenting and monitoring the manufacturing process of each workshop. This CPF will be valid for each system used by the carpenter. Its sole objective is to ensure that the products launched on the market comply with the characteristics established in the Initial Type Tests performance.

2. Regulations establish that the workshops have to carry out Initial Type Tests (EIT)

EXTRUAL will carry out said tests and will provide the results of the same for the workshops to use them in their series, setting the necessary guidelines for the correct assembly of the aluminium carpentry.

The compulsory tests established by the regulation are the following:

  • Resistance to wind load.
  • Water-tightness.
  • Capacity to support security device loads.
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Heat transfer.
  • Air permeability.

The responsibility of meeting these characteristics and product performance is that of the workshops, which should accurately follow EXTRUAL indications for the series. Any change in the test specimen used in the EIT, without the assessment and approval of EXTRUAL, will imply an infringement of the CE marking of the building enclosure.

3. Issue of a Declaration of Conformity in compliance with the standard.

Once the Factory Production Control is implemented, and together with the EIT results, the workshop will have to issue a document in which the values derived from the tests are indicated, as well as the standards met by the product and the company details, for the product to be unique and identifiable.

4. Labelling CE Mark.

The CE Mark or symbol must be indelible and should be placed on a visible readable area on the following:

  • on the product, providing that visibility is always ensured when the sheets, sheet frames or panels are open;
  • on its characteristics sheet;
  • on the packaging;
  • or on the commercial documents (E.g. Delivery note)

The regulation establishes different labelling models, but the manufacturer should guarantee that the full information on CE Marking reaches the client.